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About Us

Laser Transit, Ltd. is a 3rd Party Regional Logistics Provider with trucking, warehousing, distribution, and integrated logistics services. Our strategic location on I-81 at Exit 37 is within an hour of the Lansdowne, Ontario border crossing and 45 minutes from I-90 in New York State. Our primary lanes for transportation are in the Northeastern U.S., and Ontario and Quebec, Canada.

We are a proud member of both TANY and the American Trucking Association​. Laser's commitment to risk management, staying current with industry and regulatory standards, and always seeking to improve best practices and technology ensures our ability to provide customers with a high level of service and safety.


To consistently drive performance, transforming the touch of global reach into our customers’ grasp.


Performance Driven. Promises Delivered.

More than a tag line, this represents the essence of our day to day focus. Our mission is to continue to grow and diversify our 3PL offerings, serving in the best interests of our customers, employees, and the communities within which we work. We will accomplish this with safety, efficiency, environmental awareness, innovation in our execution, and in fulfilling our responsibilities. Our resources and continued investment serve to adapt and recognize the fluidity and change in supply chains, technologies, expertise, and the global markets that we support. Our commitment to embracing diversity, workplace fairness, family, and respect for all our employees are values we endorse and foster. Listening to our customers needs, being responsive, and doing what’s right drive our efforts and our culture.

A Quote from our CEO

"We knew that starting a logistics company meant adapting to our customers' constantly changing service and fulfillment requirements. With interstate highway, rail and maritime infrastructures, Oswego County is a natural crossroads enabling logistics versatility and ready access between New England, Canada and world markets."

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