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Image by Robson Hatsukami Morgan


Here at Laser Transit, we operate 225,000 square feet of rail-served warehousing in Lacona N.Y. with diverse capabilities including case picking, full pallet, and cross-dock.  We also perform trans-loading services of heavy components and offer managed inventory, carrier selection, and shipping services for area firms as well as global companies.

Our inside rail can accommodate six standard 50 ft box cars, but we have also handled flat cars, gondolas, and center-beams in excess of 75 ft. Our total siding is 700 ft allowing plenty of room for staging material.  Our site in Lacona includes 95 acres with a large capacity for drop trailer pools.

Our fleet of lift trucks includes electric and propane-powered units with capacities of up to 40,000 lbs. handling paper, packaging, coils, bulk commodities in super sacks, solar panels, metals, and machinery.  Flatbeds can be side-loaded and unloaded inside our facility avoiding weather issues and keeping material dry.

The facility in Lacona also includes approximately 55,000 square feet of heated space.  There are 20 truck docks and both open floor and drive through racked areas that support standard GMA 40x48 pallet storage. The space is sprinklered and has communications with TYCO fire alarm notification.  The roof is EPDM rubber.  The construction is tilt-up concrete walls and steel posts.

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