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Image by Nicole Chen


In the late 1840s a young man from Ireland, an escapee of the potato famine, stepped on American soil and ultimately landed in Oswego, New York.  From sailor to Captain and owner of his own Great Lakes schooner he made his mark in Upstate New York trading up and down the great lakes and into Canada.  His great-grandson worked nearly 58 years following service in the Navy during WWII managing longshoreman, truck drivers, and warehousemen while directing the unloading of ships at the Port of Oswego, operating warehousing, and an intrastate trucking firm.


Four generations later his great-great-grandson continues the tradition of moving and protecting goods throughout the Northeast and into Canada with multi-modal capabilities, handling rail and truck while also providing an array of distribution services with both public and contract warehousing.  A true asset-based 3rd party logistics firm, Laser Transit Ltd. was incorporated in 1995, and now 25 years later with steady growth, is a leading regional 3PL offering diverse services and skilled execution.


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